Lab-Grown Meat Could Be In Stores & Restaurants In 3 Years


A Dutch company, that presented the world’s 1st lab-grown beef burger 5 years ago, said Tuesday it has received financial support to pursue its program to create and sell artificially grown meat to restaurants by 2021.

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Mosa Meat reportedly said it raised $8.8 million USD, mainly from Bell Food Group and M Ventures. M Ventures is an investment mechanism for German pharmaceuticals company Merck KGaA. Bell Food is an European meat processing company headquartered in Switzerland.

The Maastricht-based company, which in the past has also received $1,169,160 USD from Google co-founder Sergey Brin, said it hopes to sell its initial products in 2021. The goal is to achieve industrial-scale production 2-3 years later.

Littler investors include Glass Wall Syndicate, which backs several companies looking into cultured meat or meat substitute products geared at consumers apprehensive about the ethical and environmental impact of raising and slaughtering animals.

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Environmentalists have cautioned that the world’s increasing appetite for meat, especially in emergent economies such as China, is not sustainable because pork, poultry and beef necessitate far greater resources than plant-based proteins.

Cows in particular too produce sizable amounts of greenhouse gas that lend to global warming.

With numerous established players and startups hoping to produce cultured meat on a large scale in the coming years, a clash has broken out over the terms used to characterize such products.

Some advocates have hinted the term “clean meat”, while detractors in the traditional farm sector evoke “synthetic meat” is more ideal.


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