Nightmare Fuel: Meat Grown in Labs Is Ready for Consumption

When one thinks of eating meat, one often pictures a steak or a lean piece of chicken maybe tossed in some olive oil with some herbs. What one does NOT picture is meat that was grown and created in a lab solely to ensure the survival of not only animals but our own species.

More on the lab grown meat:

Cultured tissue offers a way to potentially grow many meals’ worth of meat from just a handful of cells. Under the right conditions in a lab, cells can be encouraged to divide just like they do inside the body—cutting down on natural resources, gas, and animal rights abuses. “Theoretically from one little piece of meat you can create an unlimited amount,” says Mike Selden, CEO of Finless Foods.

So while the idea of lab grown meat can seem scary, the science behind it is not only for the benefit of some animals (do you KNOW how they make Foie Gras, for example) but also to ensure we essentially have a limitless supply of (safer) food that can be used liberally without the need to kill or to tap this earth of any more of its resources:

So while lab grown meat DOES SOUND scary, it’s intentions are very much in the right place, and we are curious to see how this potential “clean food” (what the people making it named it) trend may affect the next ten years, and the food industry (and world) as a whole.


Remy Carreiro


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