After Their Country Conquered The World Cup, These Frenchmen Conquer The Roofs Of Paris With Parkour

Photo by Paris Rooftop Parkour POV ??

France winning the most recent World Cup is surely a cause to celebrate, especially if you are French. It can be the usual cheering and dancing on the streets chanting the National Anthem or White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army song which became quite popular with the fans of football around the world.

However, some Frenchmen have taken the celebration to the extreme and celebrated on the rooftops of Paris. Check them out below.

Here’s hoping that these guys’ mothers or grandmothers don’t see this video. That, however, is one heck of a way to celebrate the World Cup victory. Still, it could also have just been a coincidence that they decided to do this following France’s victory. The phrase “ALLEZ LES BLEUS!” in the video’s description is a dead giveaway though. It means “Go Blue!,” with ‘blue’ being the nickname of the French for their national football team.

These guys are already quite popular too with their YouTube channel named StorrorBlog. They currently have 1.7 million subscribers and counting. Check out some of their other videos which are not in POV (point of view) perspective, their parkour skills are a national treasure.

Of course, a little trivia is also in order: Parkour was invented in France, of all places. So what StorrorBlog and co. did in lieu of the French World Cup victory was quite poetic. If you do not know it already, parkour is a training discipline in which practitioners attempt to get from one place to another without assistive equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible. It is also a good exercise and a great way to show off your pride for your country!

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