Kid Swallows Ghost Pepper On Dare And Completely Loses It [Video]

ghost pepper

The ghost pepper is considered the hottest pepper in the world. We’re talking 400 times hotter than Tabasco Pepper Sauce. Not exactly, something you would grab for a quick munch. So, what’s a kid to do when he is challenged to down a whole ghost pepper? Apparently, you don’t back down. Gulp that pepper and then completely lose you mind. Warning: The video contains NSFW language. But, then again, try eating the world’s hottest pepper and not drop some f-bombs.

The video shows the naive daredevil downing the pepper in one gulp. He almost immediately regrets his decision. He begins to completly freak out. Screaming and cringing in pain. We know he is really suffering, but you can’t help but laugh.

C’mon kid, people wear gloves when cooking with ghost peppers, so what did you expect?

A friendly note to all those thrill seekers out there, don’t accept a ghost pepper challenge. Well, unless you like the feeling of your insides burning.

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