KFC Aids Hunger Relief Charity With Facebook Photo

KFC, known for their amazingly delicious chicken, looks to help raise money for the World Food Program through Facebook. The nationwide chain is part of Yum! Brands which sponsors a World Hunger Relief campaign every year.

Through November 18th, KFC plans to donate $1 every time someone shares their “Pass The Bucket, Feed The Hungry” photo on their Facebook page, with a maximum payment resulting at 10,000 shares. While $10,000 may not seem like much for a large chain, just $1 can feed four children for an entire day.

Since Yum! Brands started the campaign five years ago, they have managed to raise and contribute $7 million to the World Food Program.

What is different about the campaign this year from past campaigns is that this is the first time it’s completely digital and in the social media space. However, if you happen to stop in at any KFC location, you can also make a monetary donation.

With almost 5.5 million likes on Facebook, the popular fried chicken spot should have zero problem reaching their goal of 10,000 shares before the 18th.

If you’d like to help raise money towards hunger relief, you can visit the KFC Facebook page here.



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