Bringing Sexy Back: Justin Timberlake Debuts The New MySpace

Justin Timberlake

Big changes over at MySpace! Acquired a little over a year ago by Specific Media, with partial ownership by none other than Justin Timberlake, we’re finally getting a look at the “new” MySpace, courtesy of JT.

Despite a new makeover that makes the site look like a mash-up of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest analyts are asking if the MySpace brand is still worth its weight in music and if celebrity backing can give it the push needed to succeed? Myspace services have been parted out by so many other social media sites that the new MySpace might be headed for a flop.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for MySpace to shake up the social media world anew as it did when it debuted, but we’re not the only ones saying that it has to deliver something revolutionary.

In the meantime Myspace still ranks at the top of search results in Google, Bing and Yahoo for many musician related requests. Perhaps with a new look and more artist interaction the website can once again find its place on the web.

Watch the video and leave us your thoughts on the new MySpace below!

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Kokou Adzo

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