Jon Stewart Issues #mcconnelling Challenge, Here Are The Best Videos So Far

Republican Senator Mitch Mcconnell put out a video montage of him doing various daily activities, talking to constituents, and a few other things that would look great in a political ad. The video contained no words and was dubbed over with slightly creepy, generic techno music.

The Daily Show host Jon Stewart pointed a possible reason for the ad: Since Mcconnell is prohibited by law from communicating with the SuperPAC organizations that run his political ads, he may have put out the video to allow them to edit in clips of him in their commercials.

Seems like an ingenious way to help out your SuperPAC without running afoul of the law, until you remember that free use means free use for the entire internet. The Daily Show dubbed over the video for a few songs with hilarious results, but the Daily Show is only a half hour show, less if you don’t count the commercials, they don’t have time to play all the combinations.

With that in mind, Jon Stewart issued a challenge to the entire internet. He called it #mcconnelling can all you have to do is take Mitch Mcconnell‘s video montage and add your own music to it.
First, here is the segment that lays out the Daily Shows instructions.

Here are the best efforts we could find so far.

This one is a little short, but it is still nine second of hilariousness.

A little bit of NFSW music here, but then, if you are at work you should probably be doing something more productive than watching #mcconnelling videos! (just kidding, please continue to waste time here at Social News Daily, don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss.)

The Daily Show is on a week long hiatus, hopefully we’ll get a ton of more #mcconnelling videos in the meantime.

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