Jennifer Lawrence Calls Jon Stewart Out On ‘The Daily Show’

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Jennifer Lawrence’s interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show was her final one in a long and grueling media blitz for her latest Hunger Games movie. So, it comes as no surprise that Lawrence was a bit tired — and hilarious.

Stewart began the interview by telling Lawrence he heard about her haircut through a CNN breaking news update. She responded back, calling it “the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me.” She added, “Terrorists in the Middle East know I got my hair cut!” Stewart quipped back, “Do you think they watch CNN? They’d be the only ones.”

The comedian then randomly compared J-Law to a young Helen Mirren, appearing to shock her (more for the randomness than the comparison). In explaining the photo, he revealed, “I don’t prepare for these very well.” But that was a fact Jennifer Lawrence already knew. She told the audience, and Stewart, “Your producers and everybody involved in this show, tells everyone. ‘He’s not really gonna know a lot about the movie, or a lot about you.’ ”

Lawrence added that most interviews include a pre-interview where they get bullet points from her so the host knows what to talk about. But that’s not the case with The Daily Show. After a long laugh about the fact that Stewart may not know anything about the movie, He defended himself, saying, “I do know something about them — you’re in it.”

Jon Stewart ended the interview by announcing, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will be in theaters on Friday — I knew that!” Jennifer Lawrence pointed at the teleprompter and teased, “I knew it too.” Check out the full interview below.

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