Jawbreaker Versus Red Hot Ball Of Nickel [Video]


Have you ever wondered what a volcano eruption in Candy Land would look like? Youtuber, carsandwater has made it his mission to pit red hot metal against everyday objects. His latest video takes a giant Jawbreaker and puts it against a red hot ball of nickel. With the motto of “I play with fire so you don’t have to!”, how could this not be a good video?

The nickel slowly eats through the Jawbreaker. The candy bubbles and splatters everywhere, and at several points has to be relocated. The experiment eventually ends up be confined to a bowl. Finally, the Jawbreaker stops splattering and begins to ooze, just like a sugary volcano.

Carsandwater is also the mastermind behind other time-wasting viral videos involving a red hot ball of nickel. Surprisingly, the red hot metal doesn’t always win the battle. For instance, take a look at this video where a watermelon reigns victorious.

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