Tweethearts On Twitter: Create Customized Sweethearts Candy For Valentine’s Day

Tweethearts on Twitter

The team at Necco candies is taking sweetheart customized messages to an entirely new level. Twitter users can now ask for a specialized message via Twitter and then pay for delivery of their personalized Valentine’s Day treat.

Users can try out the program at The platform works by allowing users to send their personalized message requests to “.@tweethearts.”

For example, I can write “.@tweethearts I Love You Heather” and they would show me what the message to my wife would look like in candy form. I could then choose to enter in the address of my home, or another location, and my billing information (held privately of course).


Users are definitely having fun with their customized sweetheart messages:

Not all of the messages are humorous:

Give it a try on Twitter and let us know what you think about Necco Tweethearts.

Tweethearts on Twitter

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