Japan Is Back At It Again With Another Weird Invention, This Time Shoes

Photo by wholelovekyoto.jp

The internet loves Japan, and vice versa. This mutual relationship between the two has blossomed into quite a lot of interesting things, mostly memes. It is also no secret that the country is chock full of weird inventions that the internet loves, or loves to make memes about. Here are some examples:

Now Japan is having its festival season where plenty of Japanese women of all ages can be seen wearing their traditional yukata clothing. It looks something like this:


Photo by Kimonogeisha

Take note of the wooden heeled flip-flops, they are called geta and are mandatory to complete the look. However, some Japanese women might have found them to be uncomfortable– impractical even, to warrant a unique invention.

Photo by YouTube/Haragayato

Behold, the most ingenious compromise for the said wooden sandals, the hanao shoes, take a look at them below:

Photo by 瓜生通信 – 京都造形芸術大学

Now they can follow tradition while being comfortable. These shoes were created by Whole Love Kyoto specifically for women who wanted to keep the geta getup but without the discomfort it brings. The inventors also did admit that they can be used for something else and are flexible for any fashion.

Photo by Twitter

Now, you may think that that strap actually goes through the shoes, well, they don’t. The inventors were way ahead of you. Those geta fabric straps are just decorative, apparently. Though they were positioned to be in line with the sewings of the sneakers.

Photo by Why KYOTO?

There may be variants where the straps go through the shoes though, for some hardcore ladies. Still, the inventors aim to combine tradition with modern practicality and comfort. What do guys think of the shoes? Feel free to discuss below.

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