Is This What Really Happened to Missing Flight MH370?

Is This What Really Happened to Missing Flight MH370?

Four years later, and we’re still no closer to finding out what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

There’s been plenty of theories, from suggestions that it crashed in the Cambodian Jungle, to claims Russian President Vladimir Putin is to be blame.

Now, crash specialist Larry Vance has written a book about the plane’s ill-fated final flight, in which he claims to have evidence that the MH370’s fuselage is intact and lying at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

In the tome, titled MH370: Mystery Solved, Vance also criticizes investigators for not taking his theory seriously.

He told the Daily Star: “The passengers ended up in the Southern Indian Ocean, and are at the bottom of the sea inside the sunken and intact fuselage.”

However, the authorities in Kuala Lumpur didn’t return to the Southern Indian Ocean to investigate his theory.

MH370 disappeared after departing Kuala Lumpur in March 2014, while on the way to Beijing, China. The plane had 227 passengers and 12 crew members onboard, who are all presumed dead.

Vance says he wrote the book as he believes it is his duty to provide a “professional account” of the crash for the public record, even if nothing more comes of it.

He added: “I honestly believed that once the official investigation team saw the physical evidence that we discovered, and how we interpreted it accurately, they would change their minds about what they thought happened to MH370.

“Unfortunately, and disappointingly, I was wrong.”

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