Blake Lively Has a Supernatural Doppelganger and Ryan Reynolds Finds it Very Amusing

Blake Lively Has a Supernatural Doppleganger and Ryan Reynolds Finds it Very Amusing

Remember Amethyst Realm, the British woman who claims to have fallen in love with a ghost she met on holiday in Australia?

The 30-year-old went viral back in August for her otherworldly exploits, which include bedding 20 ghosts after eschewing mortal men entirely a decade ago.

Now, Realm is in the news again, this time for getting engaged to her paranormal lover. However, it’s not just us regular humans who are fascinated by her unusual love story, the spiritual counsellor has caught the attention of a certain celebrity.

People on Twitter have noticed that Realm bears an uncanny resemblance to actress Blake Lively, including Lively’s husband, Ryan Reynolds. The Deadpool star confronted his wife of six years about her “infidelity” on Twitter, and it made fans lol.

The couple are known for making fun of one-another on social media, with their back-and-forth trolling making them one of the most beloved couples in Hollywood.


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Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

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@vancityreynolds made some Christmas cookies… ???? …He’s verrry handsome though.

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Still, we doubt that Lively will be ditching Reynolds for a ghostly gentleman any time soon.

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