South Carolina’s Legendary “Gray Ghost” Spotted During Hurricane Florence

South Carolina's Legendary "Gray Ghost" Spotted During Hurricane Florence

There’s been plenty of bizarre “news” stories surrounding Hurricane Florence, from Sharknados, to rumours of a weather reporter being blown away by the storm. Still, this is the first one to involve the spirit world.

Footage shot during Hurricane Florence claims to have captured one of South Carolina’s most famous ghosts. Known as the “Gray Man ghost of Pawleys Island,” the clip supposedly shows a transluscent, human-like figure walking along the town’s promenade during the storm.

The apparition was initially spotted during a livestream of Florence by paranormal investigators Jim and Bill McClency, and has since been uploaded to the Ghost Guys Go YouTube channel.

According to folklore, the Gray Man is the spirit of a young sailor who appears during stormy weather to warn locals of impending danger. The spectre is believed to have first been spotted in 1822, with people claiming to have seen the Gray Man before both Hurricane Hazel in 1954 and Hurricane Hugo in 1989.

South Carolina's Legendary "Gray Ghost" Spotted During Hurricane Florence
The promenade on Pawleys Island where the ghost was allegedly spotted

The Gray Man was said to be returning to South Carolina to propose to a local woman when he died. Legend says that he was thrown from his horse during a storm, landing in quick sand.

The local woman, who did not know that her beau had been killed, convinced her family to leave the island that same night for safety. When they returned, they found that the island had been devastated by the storm, but their home had somehow been spared.

Although many viewers (including “professional ghosthunters”) aren’t convinced by the fuzzy video, Jim McClency said of the footage: “Guess what? We got this awesome clip and you didn’t. Boosh.

“Even if you don’t like our style, the clip speaks for itself.”

Watch the eerie clip below.

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