Is Donald Trump Finally Becoming Presidential?

Donald Trump might finally be turning presidential and the next few weeks will be crucial to the future of his campaign.

donald trump presidential

Without being to bias, it’s safe to say that Donald Trump’s campaign has been anything but presidential. He’s bashed news anchors, called for unconstitutional bans, mocked a reporter with a disability and fed on raucous crowds. But it seems that the future of Donald Trump might be a more presidential candidate. The first step in this new Trump was the firing of his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski.

He announced that he has tapped Indiana governor Mike Pence as his VP and this is something of a safe move for Trump. While Pence has a history of far right-wing policies like a firm anti-abortion stance and a polarized outlook on LGBT issues, he’s certainly seeks the spotlight much more than Trump. He’s a former Tea Party Republican and has served in Congress so this is a wise move for the Donald who definitely needs a political insider since he has distanced himself so vehemently from the Republican party.

And recently, the Donald postponed his news conference in solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attack in Nice. This is completely different from his Twitter a few months ago when he congratulated himself on being tough on Islamic terrorism after the Orlando attack.

The future of a Donald Trump presidential campaign could take a lot of different forms but we will know a lot more about what he intends to do after the Republican National Convention that begins early next week. The guiding question in analyzing the convention and his rhetoric has to be “which Trump will show up?” Will it be the fear-mongering Donald or a more centralized candidate poising himself to take on Hillary Clinton?

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