The Internet Has Some Hilarious Suggestions For Donald Trump’s Running Mate

donald trump's running mate

Twitter and the rest of the internet is in a constant love/hate relationship with Donald Trump, we love that he’s there to make fun of, but we hate that he’s actually there and though there still isn’t any strong and concrete indication who might be Donald Trump’s running mate, the friendly people on the world-wide web have some suggestions.

There are two kinds of people that could pick as his running mate, he could pick somebody serious that will help him do well in a general election. This might be somebody like Chris Christie. Or, and I’d actually like this more, he could pick somebody who is just as batty as him, maybe the head of the Kentucky branch of the NRA or the most recent cop to get fired for racial profiling. Here are a few people that it could honestly be, and though there isn’t a #DonaldTrumpsRunningMate hashtag trending yet, it can’t be long until there is because we’re quickly approaching the time that normal politicians make that announcement. Then again, Donald Trump is not a normal politician.

This one is a little morbid.

A lot of people kind of figure that the Donald’s running mate will probably just be a hologram or cloned version of himself.

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