Luminaries Share Their Heart-felt Messages In The Wake of Orlando Shooting


In the light of the tragic mass shooting at Pulse in Orlando, Florida, many important figures in Hollywood and current events decided it mattered. As the world lit up in the rainbow hues of the LGBT flag in solidarity to those who had fallen and to the family, friends, and loved ones who were left behind, these stars spoke up and spoke out with love and hope for the LGBT community.

And because this is Lin-Manuel Miranda, he wrote a sonnet to remind us all that “love is love is love is love.”

James Corden, this year’s host for the Tony Awards, also paid tribute in his opener to those who had lost their lives at Orlando. “Your tragedy is our tragedy,” he said. “Theatre is a place where every race, creed, sexuality, and gender is equal, is embraced, and is loved.”

John Oliver here, speaking truth on why this time, fear and evil have failed.

Before starting her show in Berlin, Adele had an emotional breakdown as she dedicated its entirety to the victims of the Orlando shooting.

Lady Gaga gave her own heartfelt speech at a vigil for the Orlando victims, calling the tragic event “an attack on humanity”.

Anderson Cooper opted to bring focus to not the gunman’s name and face, but to all those who fell at Pulse that night. He read through the names and ages of each victim, as well as the kindest, mot human memories their family and friends shared with him. His voice shook with emotion in his memorial.

Marriage equality was just the first step. We stand in solidarity with our friends, brothers, and sisters in the LGBT community, because love is love is love is love is love.



Feature image courtesy of Matthew Murphy
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