Internet Reacts to Texas’ Extreme Abortion Ban

Pro-choice individuals all over the U.S. are enraged by the extreme abortion ban that has recently become law in the state of Texas. The law bans abortions for pregnancies as early as 6 weeks. The catch is, this is too early on in the pregnancy to the point that a lot of women don’t even know they are pregnant yet.

The thing is, women have the right to control their bodies. It is their constitutional right and the Texas abortion law may have unavoidable constitutional technicalities. So to work around this, the abortion ban instead deputized private citizens to sue anyone who performs an abortion. As long as they are in no connection to the patient or the clinic, they may collect $10,000 and recover legal fees (upon winning the case).

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Here are some enraged reactions on the internet regarding the abortion ban:

My body, my choice

The best and most relevant explanation so far

Sue the women, but not the men?!

Let’s treat fetuses as a person, huh. Think about this!

The idea of regulating a man’s body is uncomfortable?

Stop pregnancies at the source

What’s up with the Supreme Court?

It’s more about power and control than life

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