Joe Rogan Goes Full Kitchen Sink to Treat COVID – Including Ivermectin

COVID-19 does not discriminate. It doesn’t see differences in color, age, gender, race, or whatever else labels you may have. Celebrities are not exempt.

One of the latest celebrities who got COVID is Joe Rogan, comedian, and podcaster. He announced on Instagram that he contracted the virus.


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It’s not at all unusual — well-known people contracting the virus. However, in the video, he shared his symptoms and what he has done…including taking Ivermectin.

The celebrity is known to have been outspoken about vaccines, and people are reacting to his “kitchen sink” approach to self-medicating to treat COVID.

In spite of official statements from the FDA and hospitals about Ivermectin should not be used to treat or prevent COVID, people are still self-medicating with the anti-parasitic for animals. Even more mindboggling is that some doctors actually prescribe it!

In case you are on the fence about this drug, here’s what the FDA has to say:

  • FDA has not approved ivermectin for use in treating or preventing COVID-19 in humans. Ivermectin tablets are approved at very specific doses for some parasitic worms, and there are topical (on the skin) formulations for head lice and skin conditions like rosacea. Ivermectin is not an anti-viral (a drug for treating viruses).
  • Taking large doses of this drug is dangerous and can cause serious harm. 
  • If you have a prescription for ivermectin for an FDA-approved use, get it from a legitimate source and take it exactly as prescribed.
  • Never use medications intended for animals on yourself. Ivermectin preparations for animals are very different from those approved for humans.




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