Instagram Followers: Buy or Not to Buy?

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Instagram has millions of users. Some Instagram accounts have acquired followers organically after many years, while others have bought followers. But, in the virtual world, it’s tough to differentiate real followers from those that have been bought. That’s why many people are opting to buy Instagram followers (e.g. at to enhance the popularity of their brands or accounts faster.

Stacking up Instagram followers’ numbers can build the credit of a brand instantly. It can also make a brand noticed faster while growing its account and building relationships. And, whether acquired organically or bought, followers will most likely bring you more followers. Thus, a brand can benefit from buying a small number of followers that will give its social presence a quick boost.

Economics of Buying Likes

Almost everybody with a massive Instagram following has bought likes and followers at some point. That’s because social media platforms like Instagram are not just used for communication and entertainment purposes. These networks are popular advertising tools for businesses.

With that said, few likes and followers can hurt your brand. That’s because some people won’t consider your brand an authority in its niche if it has few followers and likes. On the other hand, having more likes and followers can help your business when starting. People will consider your business an authority in its niche if it has more likes and followers.

Therefore, the economics of buying likes and followers on Instagram lie in the fact that they can have an impact on the growth of a business.

Pros of Buying Instagram Followers

More Followers will Increase Your Following

On Instagram, a brand is surrounded by profiles that consumers assume have similar values. But, some of these profiles have more followers already. As such, growing a massive following for your brand organically won’t be easy. That’s because most consumers opt to follow Instagram accounts with more followers.

Buying Instagram followers can have a tremendous impact on this regard. When a profile has more followers, it will attract more users. Thus, more users will most likely follow your Instagram account if it already has a massive following.

Improved Visibility

When it comes to determining which accounts or brands appear in the newsfeed of users, Instagram uses algorithms. Several factors play a role in the ranking of the content that appears in the newsfeeds of users. However, the number of followers that an account has and engagements are the major factors.

When a brand or Instagram account has more followers, it is likely to feature in the newsfeed of a user. What’s more, brands can buy followers that engage with an Instagram page automatically. And, this will send more data about engagements to Instagram algorithms, thereby enhancing the visibility of your brand.

Boosting Engagements with the Audience

As hinted, some bought followers can engage with your Instagram page automatically. This engagement encourages comments and likes from the actual followers. This engagement improves the circulation of a post while compelling more users to interact with it.

It’s, however, crucial to purchase followers that can engage with your Instagram account carefully. That’s because a bot can leave a comment that can turn out catastrophic. Therefore, buy real Instagram followers whose track record proves they can help a brand instead of hindering its growth.

More Endorsement Deals

Influencer marketing or endorsement presents a great way of making money on Instagram. Developing a massive following is an important step in the process of becoming an influencer marketer. When you have more Instagram followers, you will be paid by brands to endorse or market their products on this platform.

Most brands look at the followers’ count when looking for an influencer. And, you can get more endorsement deals if you have more followers, whether bought or organically acquired.

Most Instagram users do not look at engagement and posts. They simply won’t invest in an Instagram account that doesn’t have likes and comments. As such, you should maintain your Instagram account’s momentum after purchasing your followers.

Enhanced Brand Credibility

When it comes to social media marketing, more is better. When you buy followers, your account’s followers count increases. That means you’re headed in the right direction. Instagram users consider your brand as influential in the industry. Consumers will use your Instagram followers count to gauge your brand’s authenticity. Thus, you can boost your brand’s credibility by buying followers.

Cons of Buying Instagram Followers

It can be Pricey without Yielding the Desired Returns

The cost can add up quickly when it comes to buying followers on Instagram. Ideally, you need a few thousand followers to notice an impact on the online presence of your brand. And, this can be costly. And, some of the followers you buy may not bring the desired return on investment.

Your Reputation Can Be Affected Negatively

Buying real followers on Instagram can enhance the credibility of your brand. However, scams and fake services can affect your brand’s reputation negatively. Some faux companies sell fake followers to make money quickly. The aftermath of buying followers from such companies can be detrimental to your profile. Therefore, be wary of faux companies and scams.

Buying Followers Might Not Create Engagements

You have to do more after purchasing followers. Mainly, you must be proactive in maintaining momentum. Keep encouraging Instagram users to follow you by posting quality and engaging content.

Results can be Short-Term

Buying Instagram followers can give a brand a sudden boost on this platform. But, this boost will be short-lived if nothing is done to maintain it.  As hinted, you have to continue the created momentum by positing quality, relevant, and compelling content. Otherwise, your Instagram account will regress to the previous state.

The Bottom Line

If new on Instagram, buying followers can give your account a sudden boost. It can boost engagements and interactions while making your brand look like an authority in the industry. Nevertheless, buying followers can also affect your account negatively. And, you may not realize the desired outcome unless you maintain the momentum started by the bought followers. Thus, you can buy followers to give your account a sudden boost, but you still have to do more to grow and maintain a massive following.



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