Injecting Botox Into Your Scrotum To Make It Less Wrinkly Is Now A Trend

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The testicles, housed by the scrotum, are the most vulnerable body part of any man. In fact, getting kicked in the rocks is subjectively comparable to childbirth in terms of pain. One would think that guys would value their testicles over their appearance due to this, but modern society begs to differ; we now have dudes who are injecting botox into their scrotum.

They call it “Scrotox,” and “they” refers to Australian men who have found solace in injecting botox to their gonads. Apparently, the point of this medical procedure is to iron out the natural wrinkles in the scrotum, relaxing it. Some of the Australian men are even willing to spend around $1,000 to improve the appearance of their scrotum.

Still, its purpose is not just limited to aesthetics. According to Dr. Jayson Oates (principal surgeon and medical director of CALIBRE Clinic), some scrotums are too tightly contracted and can squeeze up on the testicles, causing pain. Injecting botox into the scrotum can cause it to relax and help the testicle hang a bit lower.

The added bonus, of course, is their scrotum looking shinier and smoother, fitting of the term “family jewels.”

Obviously, the Scrotox injection is only skin-deep… literally. Because otherwise, the botox would obliterate the testicles. Still, it’s not without some scary risks. According to Professor Peter Chin of the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand, the scrotum is a naturally vascular area, meaning it has lots of arteries and veins.

This could potentially make the botox travel through the rest of the body in places where it shouldn’t be if injected incorrectly. It just so happens that botox is a derived from a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum– a toxin which can paralyze nerves in a specific area.

But hey, at least your balls are shiny and can now be used as a Tinder profile picture.

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