Infamous Children’s Scary Stories Book Could Become Documentary [Video]

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Most 90’s children have a memory of creeping themselves out by reading Alvin Schwartz’s collection of haunted folk tales, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. The creepy illustrations and haunting tales were a hit with children, but yet heavily challenged by parents. In fact, the franchise was the most challenged book of the 1990’s.

Well, now that those children are all grown up and can do whatever they want, there is good news for fans of the books. An IndieGoGo campaign has been set up to help fund a documentary featuring the stories. Titled Scary Stories: A Documentary, producer and director Cody Meirick has high hopes for the children’s gothic classic.

Scary Stories: A Documentary, The Pitch from Cody Meirick on Vimeo.

The film will follow the journey of Schwartz’s stories and Stephen Gammell’s iconic illustrations. Meirick has already begun interviews and research for the film and has many ideas still in planning.

The campaign, which began yesterday, has just a month to go with a goal of $28,000. It has currently raised a little more than $800.

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