Indiana Man Posts Liquor Still On Facebook, Gets Arrested

Liquor Still Facebook

An Indiana man decided to show off his liquor-making skill to his friends on Facebook by posting his illegal still. Problem was, everyone else, including the authorities, could see his post as well.

The Indiana Excise police, the law enforcement arm of Indiana’s alcohol and tobacco regulatory body, saw the post and then arrested Jeremy D. Thompson, 39 in his hometown Tell City, Indiana.

Despite some previous high-profile arrests that should have alerted everyone that the authorities are browsing Facebook like everyone else, some people apparently aren’t getting the hint. Say it with me now:




But perhaps, for once, there is something else to blame. Perhaps, this time, we can at least partially blame “TeeVee” for corrupting not our youth, but our 39-year-old adults. With Discovery channel airing a show called Moonshiners that (supposedly) follows two characters as they (allegedly) operate an illegal liquor still in the Virginia wilderness.

Perhaps Thompson felt it was no longer a big deal? After all, they do it on television.

Thompson’s preliminarily charges include possession of unlicensed equipment for the production of alcoholic beverages, unauthorized dealings, sale without a permit and  two charges relating to untaxed sale of alcohol. All of the charges are either class C or class B misdemeanors in the state of Indiana.

Remember kids and middle-aged adults, Facebook is not the place to post illegal activity.

[Photo Credit: nealh2008]



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