Kristen Bell Sings All Of Anna’s Voices In Live ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman’ Performance

Frozen and Anna - How to build A Snowman - Kristen Bell

Believe it or not Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go” from Frozen wasn’t the only noteworthy musical number. Kristen Bell did an amazing job with the track “Do You Want to Build a Snowman.”

In a recent live performance Bell takes on not only her own singing part, but also that of young Anna.

While the video has just gone viral, with more than 700,000 views, the performance actually took place months ago.

The live performance was recorded when Kristen Bell took to the stage at LA’s Vibrato Grill Jazz Club. Accompanying her were several Frozen castmates.

If you haven’t seen Frozen you can still enjoy Bell’s excellent performance of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman.”

In the meantime, Frozen has now earned more than $1.072 billion in worldwide box office gross sales. The previous box-office record for an animated film was held by Disney/Pixar’s “Toy Story 3” (2010), which grossed $1.063-billion. “Frozen” has earned $398-million in North America and $674-million in international markets.






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