Charles Barkley: Getting Real Tired Of Shaq’s Bullsh** [Video]

charles barkley shaq rivalry

Charles Barkley’s on-and-off court rivalry with Shaquille O’Neal is the stuff of legend, but now that the two NBA superstars are retired, they’re opting for more passive-aggressive ways to antagonize each other.

To wit, Shaq Instagram’d the following one week ago, from Barkley’s boudoir:

“He’s always picking on me,” Barkley lamented on Conan O’Brien this week. “I’m a pretty easy-going guy, I’m not bothering anybody. But he’s always picking on me.”

Since Charles Barkley doesn’t use social media at all, Shaq should have been safe to antagonize him with Photoshopped n00dz indefinitely. That is, until Conan offered to step in on Barkley’s behalf in the social sphere:

This, the hopeful start of a long-running rivalry between Shaq and Team Coco/Barkley, is detailed in the clip above. In it, Barkley also shares his ambivalence about social media and gets his own jabs in against Shaq (primarily for his “lotion” endorsements)

“Yeah, he got too many endorsements,” Barkley chided.  “He’s on every five seconds rubbing lotion on his fake body.”

“That’s not his body?” Conan replied.

“Trust me, that’s not his body,” Barkley confirmed.

If you’re a fan of the Charles Barkley/Shaq rivalry, check out the clip from Team Coco above, or follow the embeds and share the posts. We’ll keep an eye on it for any interesting developments.

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