In Case You Didn’t Know JK Rowling Has An Awesome Charity Named After A Spell

JK Rowling charity

JK Rowling is cooler than you. She’s cooler than me too, way cooler than me. We have a total crush on her here at SND and it seems like it’s been forever since we wrote about the Harry Potter author. Rowling caught my attention last night on Twitter, during the Presidential Debate, when she sent out this Tweet.

While she rarely seems to be dashing through the headlines, JK Rowling almost always has something on her mind. Sometimes she mentions whatever that may be on Twitter or in an interview. But for the past few years she’s been addressing what’s on her mind in a different way. By founding a charity and pumping money into it. The charity is named Lumos, after the Harry Potter spell.

We’re a bit late to this party, Lumos was founded in 2004 when Rowling saw an article about children being kept in caged beds at institutions. The charity has since branched out from the goal of helping children who are institutionalized, but Rowling has stayed passionate about her cause. In 2007 she auctioned off a rare copy of one of her books and made 1.95 million Euros for the charity. Many of the proceeds from recent Rowling books also go to the charity. The charity is also raffling off a chance to be the first to see “Fantastic Beasts” when it premiers in New York City.

The charity has offices all over the world, from the Czech Republic to right here in the USA. And of course, you can donate or find out more about Lumos here.

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