Humane Society Teams Up with Uber for Kitten Deliveries

Kittens. They’re fluffy balls of happiness that will one day grow into a ten pound mini-dictator who claims your computer keyboard as its own sovereign property. But they’re more than the baby versions of those things that think they own your house, they’re also fantastic for stress relief.

For National Cat Day—and yes, that is an actual holiday—the Humane Society of West Michigan is teaming up with local Uber drivers to bring some furry stress relief to people’s busy work days. That’s right—for one whole day, Michiganders can call in a kitten delivery to their work place. For a $30.00 fee, the playful felines can stay for 15 minutes of quality human/kitten interaction. These interactions consist primarily of people shouting “YOU’RE A KITTY!” and other people talking loudly about their preference for dogs. We get it, Susan. You have a beagle named “Little Susan” and it’s her birthday next week. No, we won’t be coming—and no, we won’t be baking a dog cake. Go out and meet people, Susan.

FOX 17 Michigan has more:


Unless you suffer from severe allergies, cat companionship has actually been shown to be good for your health. Discovery News reports:

“Why cats and dogs may benefit human health remains a mystery, but [a study] from earlier this month provides some intriguing clues. It found that infants having pets at home suffered from fewer respiratory tract illnesses.

‘Our findings support the theory that during the first year of life, animal contacts are important, possibly leading to better resistance to infectious respiratory illnesses during childhood,’ wrote Eija Bergroth and colleagues in the paper, published in the journal Pediatrics. Countless other studies demonstrate the mental health benefits of pet ownership, particularly for students, seniors and people with chronic illnesses. In such cases, pets can provide much needed comfort and companionship.”

Kitten deliveries sound like a great idea. Can we just go ahead and go national with this, Uber?

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