HTC First Allows For Quick Facebook Home Deactivation

HTC First Handset and Facebook Home Deactivation

The HTC First handset comes pre-loaded with the Facebook Home launcher but that doesn’t mean it needs to be activated. HTC typically skins its devices with the HTC Sense overlay, however the HTC First features a stock Android OS at its base.

According to HTC, users can easily disable Facebook Home and run stock Android on their handset if they so choose.

With the HTC Sense overlay out of the picture the HTC First marks the first time since the 2010 T-Mobile G2 smartphone that HTC has offered a stock version of Google Android.

Users can simply head over to the Facebook Home option in settings and toggle the smartphone platform on and off.

The HTC First goes on sale at AT&T Wireless on April 12. The smartphone costs just $99 with a two year data and voice contract. For that price it might be worth picking up the phone, disabling Facebook Home and using it as is.

Customers in the UK will be able to pick up the HTC First this summer.

HTC is also expected to release a Sense overlay version of the HTC First sometime in the future. The device closest in specs and featuring the overlay at this time is the HTC M4, that device also feature UltraPixel technology.

Do you plan to give Facebook Home a try on your smartphone or is that just way too much blue for you to handle?



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  1. Yeah I'll give it a try. Any time I've ever turned my FB off, I get family members and friends complaining and asking what's wrong? So I guess I need it to make sure they know I'm doing ok. Privacy is more and more a thing of the past.

  2. That is the secret to FB Sarah. They make in impossible to disconnect without the grief felt by friends and family 🙂