Controversial Jump Ball Call Ends Wichita State’s NCAA Title Hopes [Twitter Reacts]

ncaa final four

For most of the game, it looked like Wichita State was going to pull off a huge upset and beat Louisville. The Shockers held the lead for most of the game but Louisville didn’t give up. The No.1 ranked team fought back and beat the Shockers 71-68.

But the victory didn’t come without a little bit of controversy.

With the clock winding down Shockers guard Ron Baker grabbed a rebound. Baker, who had less than ten seconds to advance the ball down the court, turned and ran into Louisville’s Luke Hancock.

The refs called a jump ball but many people on Twitter, including the social network’s newest star, Phil Jackson, were a little skeptical about the call.

Of course, athletes, reporters and coaches weren’t the only ones commenting on the controversial call. Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea also joined the conversation.

What did you think of the jump ball call?


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  1. Glad they did so well. I had Wichita in the first round but losing after that. I read a scouting report that if they win their first game they could go all the way, and I should have picked them going further.