How to Make Money From YouTube

make money from youtube

It’s not an exaggeration to say that practically everyone is on YouTube, or at least a YouTube viewer, is it? The statistics of YouTube users are rather astounding:

  • YouTube has more than 1 billion users
  • Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views
  • The number of hours people are watching on YouTube each month is up 50% year over year
  • 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

Bearing these numbers in mind, it is not surprising that YouTube is being utilized as a source of income by video creators.

There are, of course, big brands who use the platform to extend their reach; but there are also individuals who can leverage what YouTube has to offer.

If you’re a video creator, you can actually make money from YouTube – and potentially lots, too.

You can even be even more popular than mainstream celebrities!

There are different ways you can make money from YouTube, and the first thing that will probably come to mind are ads. That’s the logical thing as many videos you see have ads slapped on them. With Google owning YouTube, it’s a simple matter of integrating Google ads.

There is another route: the YouTube Partner Program, which already has given thousands of channels hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue per year.

Now isn’t that a tempting proposition?

More than these methods, you can expand your YouTube income by directly working with brands who want to advertise on your channel. If you have enough viewership and provide related content, you can hook brands that will willingly throw money your way via advertising.

How do you go about this?

As with any kind of advertising, there are various platforms to help facilitate this method.

One such platform is .

The platform works on a very simple premise: they connect brands with creators.

Brands can:

  • target their audience
  • choose creators to work with
  • tap into analytics

Creators can:

  • have all the creative freedom they want
  • connect with big brands
  • get paid quickly and securely
  • get guidance from Grapevine on how to optimize channels and videos to earn more

An important detail is that you, as the creator, are not bound by exclusive agreements. You can work with different brands and sign various deals – all the while not being restricted.

Here’s a video sharing some secrets on how to make money via YouTube by getting sponsors.

It all boils down to content.

Of course, you have to have top notch videos, content that will bring in viewers, entice them to subscribe, and keep them coming back. When it comes to the point, if you want to make YouTube a source of income, you will have to provide something that will gain you views. Else, you won’t be successful in making money, whatever the method you choose may be.

Are you ready to make money from YouTube? Check out some tips and inspiration below.

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