How To Add Some ‘Tech’ To Your April Fools Day Pranks [List]


Technology is extremely important to our everyday lives, so that makes it a no-brainer that the perfect April Fools Day prank would involve the devices that rule our lives. These pranks are perfect for anyone who lives with their cell phone attached to their ear or eyes glued to the computer. Prank your friends, family and coworkers with these hilarious tech pranks.

1. Change their autocorrect text settings.


This is the perfect prank for those “textaholics.” All you need is a few minutes alone with the person’s mobile phone. Change their text shortcuts to other words to drive the person mad. For instance, every time they type “yes”, have the phone change it to “no.” Or if you want to get really crazy, change common words to autocorrect to crazy phrases. Use your discretion with this one…

2. Change the names in their contacts.

This prank could be done on any device that the user can save contact information. Change people’s names to random things. Maybe the prankee is a huge Harry Potter fan, change their contacts’ names to Harry Potter characters.

Tech Pranks

Or maybe you know a womanizer, who has a phone full of random girls’ numbers. Change the names around to really make the guy sweat. Just imagine the awkward conversation: “Hey girl, remember me from the club?” “No, this is your grandmother!”

3. Block the devices sensor.

This prank can be done at home on the television remote or at the office on a coworker’s computer. Simply put a piece of tape over the remote’s sensor to wreak havoc on the couch potato in your life. Or put a post-it note on the bottom of your coworker’s mouse and watch while they struggle with their computer.

4. Take advantage of a “joke” app.

Just like the saying goes, “there’s an app for that.” There are several apps that can aid you in pulling off the best prank. Most of them are available for free and are extremely easy to download and use.

Embarrass a coworker in a quiet office with Fartscroll. Simply install this on a computer. With each scroll of the mouse, the computer will make a farting noise. Even better, the program can be used on websites and blogs. Perfect for those with a website, who want to prank the site’s visitors.

Perhaps fart humor isn’t your thing. Maybe you are looking for something a little more NSFW. SexyPranky has you covered. Basically, the website will send anyone of your choosing a envelope or box with pictures of sex toys plastered on the outside. Make the rest of the workday extremely awkward for that close friend. You can even customize what kind of graphics you would like on the packages.

If you are looking for an app that will help you prank someone without embarrassing them in public, Cat Facts is the answer.

Cat Facts

Anonymously sign a person up with this service and the app will text them random facts about cats. You can set the frequency of the texts, like once an hour or every 15 minutes. You can also choice to send dog or sloth facts. The perfect way to drive a person crazy without making them the center of attention.

5. Flip the desktop.

Desktop fliip

This is another harmless prank that can be done at home or the office. The geniuses over at Buzzfeed discovered a simple keyboard shortcut that will flip a computer’s desktop upside down. On a PC, hit CTRL + ALT + down arrow on a PC and on a Mac, open System Preferences and click Display while holding CTRL + Option. You will get an option to flip the computer display. Not only will the computer user be completely confused, it also makes working the mouse a bit difficult.

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