Hotter Pizzas As Domino’s Fixes Delivery Cars With Ovens

This year, Domino’s has really pushed the envelope in terms of getting their pizzas to you as easy, as hot, and fresh as you want them. A few months back, they introduced their all new Tweet-a-Pizza service, where biting into a hot, yummy slice of pizza and sharing it with your friends is just an emoji away. With a pizza delivery service this convenient, how could they ever top that?

I don’t know … how does a hot pizza delivered to your doorstep literally fresh out of the oven sound to you?

2015_Chevrolet_Spark_DXP_FrontDomino’s Pizza has partnered with GM, Roush, and and local motors to create a delivery car dedicated to delivering pizzas, dubbed as the DXP. The DXP is based on the Chevrolet, Spark, but most of its interiors will be stripped away to accommodate pizzas, boxes of wings, drinks, and napkins. It will come fitted with a an oven — yes, a working oven! — right behind the driver’s seat specially made to warm up your pizza right before it’s boxed, swaps hands, and gets in your belly, because a hot pizza is a good pizza. The DXP will be able to carry as much as 80 pizzas in one go, and boasts of 84 horsepower out of a 1.2 liter four-cylinder engine, making it super-fast and a super-fuel efficient car.

All DXPs will be painted in the distict Domino’s logo colors, and will also be fitted with aneat puddle light to project the logo on the ground.

How soon will we start seeing these DXPs zipping around town? These babies will be rolled out in major US cities in three months time, and a 100 of these are slated for production. If you’re a franchise owner, you may wish to purchase a DXP for $25,000 each.

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