Hootsuite Rolls Out Enhanced Facebook Page Features

Hootsuite remains the number one social media management tool for millions of business users Worldwide and has rolled out several new features, some exclusive to enterprise clients, that bring more functionality for Facebook Pages.

Since two of these new features are only available to enterprise clients, your average business user will be left out. However, they could provide a glance at what’s to come. There are seven new features in total, and they are as follows:

  • Enhanced Demographic Targeting (Enterprise clients only)
  • Geo-Fencing Profiles (Enterprise clients only)
  • New Analytics Modules (Enterprise and Pro clients)
  • Facebook Search
  • Private Facebook Page Messages
  • Stream Likes and comments in real-time
  • Event Streams

With Enhanced Demographic Targeting, Page owners have far more control in deciding who will see their posts. You can choose location, language, age, gender, interests, relationship status, and even education. Geo-Fencing Profiles are similar in terms of better targeting fans.

Enterprise clients will now be able to set it up to when a specific team member posts to a specific page, their posts will only target certain locations and/or languages. This makes it even easier to geo-target content.

New Analytics Modules for both enterprise and pro clients will allow users to better break down Facebook Insights and compare data to the competition.

Facebook Search is very straight forward and is integrated into the Hootsuite “Quick Search” box. You’ll be able to search alongside Twitter. Previously, you couldn’t respond to private messages from fans, but that’s now integrated as well.

In keeping up with services like TweetDeck, which updates in real-time, comments and likes will now load in real-time so you won’t miss a thing. Event Streams are fairly straightforward and allow you to easily follow what’s happening with events of yours or of your friends.



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