Hootsuite Celebrates 5 Million Users [Infographic]

Hootsuite remains one of the most popular social media management tools on the market and today it has announced the milestone of five million users. According to the company it reached that mark on October 12th. This announcement arrives just a few months after its four million user milestone.

An infographic was included with the announcement which documents the platforms growth, as well as sharing some other cool details. In January of 2011, Hootsuite had just one million users and announced its social analytics product shortly thereafter.

From then through January 2012, users more than doubled to over two million and just a matter of months later, growth climbed at an astounding rate to where it is now.

20 languages are currently supported and a total of 1.3 billion messages have been sent through over 35 different social networks and apps available in the app directory.

When it comes to growth Worldwide, regions such as the UK, US, and South America continue to rise with areas such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand experiencing growth of over 200 percent.

One thing that allows Hootsuite to gain such a user base is that 79 of the top Fortune 100 companies use the service such as McDonald’s, Pepsico, Virgin, and Sony Music. Enterprise customers are on the up and up with an increase of 7800 percent.

Users continue to upgrade to Pro accounts with an increase of 600 percent. Not only do millions of people use the service, but many connect with Hootsuite on Facebook and Twitter with 300,000 likes and 3.7 million followers.

The infographic below also dives into “The Nest” as its called which shares how many employees, new employees, and more.



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