Homeless Volunteer Suggests Social Media, Technology Is Desensitizing Our Empathy For Others

Homeless Volunteer Suggests Social Media, Technology Is Desensitizing Our Empathy For Others

Social networking technology appears to be having a negative influence on our humanity, as one homeless volunteer suggests social media and technology is desensitizing our ability to have empathy for others in need.

Adam Reichart, 44, appears in the video as part of a Homeless GoPro project designed to show others how life is for the thousands of homeless living on the streets every day.

The Homeless GoPro project, a collaborative effort started by Kevin F. Adler, provides homeless volunteers in San Francisco with a camera, and asks them to use the wearable device to film their daily interactions with people.

The videos are then shared online in the hopes of “building empathy through a firsthand perspective.”

Adam, who is featured in the clip, has been homeless for 30 years, the last six in San Francisco.

From the perspective of the needy, the onlooker sees how, in Reichart’s case, people nary give him the courtesy of a glance as they rebuff his polite advances for aid and stoically stroll by.

In response, Reichart feels the popular use of social technology has actually caused many to lose touch with others. “People are losing their compassion and their empathy, not just for homeless people but for society in general.”

The homeless volunteer further expounds in his video documentary, “I feel that technology has changed so much where people are emailing and don’t talk face to face anymore. People are losing their social skills … and their compassion.”

Do you think social media and technology brings people closer together or drives them further apart?

[Photo Credit: Homeless GoPro video]

Megan Charles

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