Homeless Guy Does ‘Breaking Bad’ Impressions, Isn’t Really Homeless [Video]

miles allen

America’s next big star may be standing on your street corner begging for food. A YouTube video of a homeless man doing Breaking Bad impressions started going viral today but the internet isn’t convinced that the man is homeless.

The first tip for many was that the homeless man somehow had access to Breaking Bad. And not just old seasons on Netflix but recent episodes.

Clue number two was the fact that the homeless man looked pretty healthy. With the exception of his scraggly beard and lack of shirt, the man in the video looks fit and well-nourished.

Which brings us to clue number three: His IMDB page.


Miles Allen hasn’t confirmed that he’s the guy in the video but he sure looks like him.

Allen has landed coveted roles like Hot Guy #1 in the movie Whoa! and Vic in the show Signs Of Love. His role as Homeless Man doing Breaking Bad impressions on YouTube has not been listed on his IMDB page.

So why would anyone do this? Why would anyone take off their shirt and pretend to be homeless? Is it for the free sandwiches?

Well, Miles Allen’s video has been viewed about 20,000 times so far. Which is about 20,000 times more times than if he just did Breaking Bad impressions in his living room.

His Joker impression video, for instance, only has about 500 views.

Do you think it’s fair to post a fake video in order to get some free publicity? A homeless guy struggling artist has to eat, right?

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  1. It's a Video! It's ENTERTAINMENT. Jeez, it's almost like people can't understand what an actor does. An actor takes on a role, an alternate persona that is not their own and uses it to ENTERTAIN. which is what Miles was doing in that video. It's not a publicity stunt, it's not something that he should be ashamed of. It. is. Acting.