Pinterest ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Product Launch [April 24]

Pinterest Choose Your Own Adventure Product Launch

Pinterest has announced a new product launch press conference in San Francisco on April 24th. The conference, titled, “Choose Your Own Adventure” was revealed by CEO Ben Silbermann.

Earlier in the year Pinterest executives said they were focused more than ever on helping people discover pins related to their own interests. That announcement was met with a new personalized homepage that learns what people browsed in the past and provides their “Explore Interests.”

Based on the “Choose Your Own Adventure” theme for the press conference, we assume Pinterest is aiming to fully launch the Explore Interests feature.

At this time Pinterest users spend much of their time browsing endlessly through boards in the hopes of finding relevant pins. Sure some browsing is great for stumbling upon the next great recipe or home-based craft, but it also leaves users frustrated and unable to parse the relevant data they desire. Endless browsing becomes an even bigger problem when mobile devices with slower internet connections are thrown into the mix.

By delivering relevant pins the company could also sneak in future advertisements that match a users interests, much like Facebook does with its sponsored stories feature. Promoted Pins are expected to launch this quarter, a move that could be in line with a full Explore Interests feature.

If Pinterest is successful in delivering the type of pins users want to explore, the company could convince users that they also need sponsored products from high-end advertisers. Increasing conversions is very important to the company which is believed to be charging $30 to $40 CPM’s with a minimum ad spend of $1 million to $2 million per campaign.

The Pinterest ‘Choose Your Adventure’ press event goes down on April 24 at 6pm PDT.




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