Pinterest Gets Bigger Piece Of Social Media Pie, Makes Up Nearly A Quarter Of All Social Sharing

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Pinterest now makes up nearly one quarter of all social sharing in the world according to Gigya’s social data.

The data did not, however, consider popular social media sites that have little to no traction in the United States. That means that even when considering Asia, Gigya did not include Weibo or WeChat. If they had, they would have surely ranked something, at least in the Asian infographic.

Regardless, in the fourth quarter of 2013, Pinterest continued to grow. It became a larger part of social sharing in general, making up 24 percent. However, what marketers might be interested to find out, is that Pinterest does even better when considering e-commerce related sharing. In that field alone, Pinterest led all social media sites, sitting at 40 percent, beating out even Facebook.

Facebook is still a valuable asset when it comes to e-commerce, the social media giant is only one percentage point behind Pinterest in that category, sitting at 39 percent. Twitter also made some gains in that section over its place in the third quarter of 2013 and now sits at 15 percent.

Twitter dropped overall however, as the microblogging site continues to struggle to keep users. Twitter made up only 26 percent of total social sharing, compared to 30 percent during the third quarter of 2013.

Can Pinterest continue its rapid growth? Can Twitter turn it around? Tune in next quarter to find out. Same Social News Daily Time, Same Social News Daily URL.

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