Hold on to Your Pumps, the Jurassic Park Box Set: High Heels Edition is Here

Love the Jurassic Park films but feel something is missing? Perhaps it’s the overall lack of sexy footwear. In this year’s blockbuster smash hit Jurassic World, lead actress Bryce Dallas spends much of the film shod in stilettos, even when running through the jungle. Much like George Lucas updating the previous entries to the Star Wars franchise, maybe it’s time to do the same for Jurassic Park. You know, for consistency.

Check this out:

“The number one movie of the summer has the one thing everyone’s been talking about: a woman running for her life from dinosaurs… wearing high heels the whole time. Universal and Amblin Entertainment present the Jurassic Park Box Set: High Heels Edition.

Digitally remastered on DVD and Dluray to include the one thing you loved from Jurassic World into the ENTIRE SERIES. Incredible color, high-definition sound (heels clacking), non-stop heels.

Footwear 65 million years in the making, and they look GOOD. These styles aren’t going extinct, so hold on to your pumps, ’cause that’s one big pile of shoes! The Jurassic Park Box Set: High Heels edition, own it today!”

Shortly after the release of Jurassic World, the web was abuzz with commentary on Bryce Dallas Howard’s character and her choice of footwear. Most simply found it laughable that she’d spend so much time running through the jungle in such impractical shoes, but others took it more seriously. Is it an example of Hollywood sexism, or just the opposite?

Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire.
Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire.

Aly Semigran, writing for Refinery29, lamented Howard’s character, saying she reflected negatively on the series as a whole, especially when compared to the boot-clad heroine of the first Jurassic Park film.

“Dr. Ellie Sattler would be so disappointed.

The paleobotanist, played with fearlessness and wit by Laura Dern in the original Jurassic Park in 1993, was as much a role model as she was an action heroine. But her legacy is tarnished in Jurassic World, a grossly inferior sequel whose main female character (played by Bryce Dallas Howard) is little more than a stereotypical damsel in distress.

As someone who grew up wanting to be Dern’s no-nonsense Dr. Sattler — a woman who could take on velociraptors, deny the advances Jeff Goldblum, and pull off khaki shorts — I was excited by the idea that a new generation of female moviegoers would have their own dino-butt-kicking badass. But in Jurassic World, the “dinosaurs eat man; woman inherits the earth” school of thought is all but extinct.”

She adds:

“Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: None of this is the fault of Bryce Dallas Howard. An accomplished and appealing actress who is tragically ill-served by the material here.”

The offending pumps.
The offending pumps.

But Howard has actually spoken out in defense of her character, and her choice of footwear specifically. Megan Garber of The Atlantic writes:

“Yes, it’s stupid that Claire is wearing heels to fight dinosaurs. The movie, however, is perfectly aware of this stupidity. Moreover, it chose the stupidity for itself. Bryce Dallas Howard, the star has said, wanted her character to be clad in heels. ‘First of all, I just believe that she’s one of those women who say they walk so much better in heels,’ Howard told The Daily Beast. ‘I’m absolutely not one of those women. Beyoncé, for example! But I thought she’s definitely that person.’

Claire’s perma-pumps, Howard argues, reflect not just her character, but also the feminism of the current moment. ‘I think where we are now, for me, it’s about embracing my femininity as my greatest strength, and a God-given strength,’ she said. For Claire, Howard added, ‘The thing that would have been considered the biggest handicap for her ultimately ends up being her strength. And that’s those heels. I really liked that.’

Gabriel Moss, writing for Slate, agrees.

“The way Claire’s heels support her, rather than fail her, throughout her journey is actually one of the most interesting, offbeat decisions in a film largely dedicated to propping up old-school action movie tropes.”

In a hilarious homage to his co-star, lead actor Chris Pratt donned a pair of stiletto pumps for an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

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