Jurassic World Global Trailer Released, “If We Do This, We Do It My Way” [Watch]

Doesn’t seem like that long ago when Universal Pictures released the first trailer for ‘Jurassic World,’ but 5 months down the line, another trailer… the Official Global Trailer has been released.

Good news, still features Chris Pratt riding on a motorcycle with his squad of dinosaurs riding around him.

But hot damn, this genetically engineered dinosaur is pissed off. The first ‘Jurassic World’ trailer introcuded the park, the characters, what people were doing there, and then at the end gave us a short glimpse that sh*t was about to hit the fan. Watch that trailer here.

The new trailer picks up where that leaves off. Showing more killing, more blood, and just what this dinosaur is capable off. More guns, more screams, and just enough Chris Pratt.

“If we do this, we do this my way.”

The park is open and ‘Jurassic World’ hit theaters June 12, 2015.

[Photo credit: YouTube]


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