Here’s Serena Williams’ Snapchat Twerk Tutorial

Serena Williams' twerk video that she released via snapchat is turning a lot of heads.

Serena Williams Twerk
Serena Williams [Flickr/Boss Tweed]

Serena Williams has become more than a tennis star, she’s something of an internet celebrity and the new video of her twerking on her snapchat is blowing up the internet. Williams has 36 major titles and more titles than any other active tennis player, male or female. The 34-year-old is a huge proponent for both women’s rights and African-American rights. So basically, Tumblr loves her almost as much as they hate Donald Trump.

This might clear up any confusion you have as to invincible we believe her to be.

Serena Williams has recently become an item of media attention because her rival Maria Sharapova has tested positive for meldonium, which is a banned substance. But Serena has beaten Sharapova eighteen times in a row. She was sympathetic towards Sharapova after the scandal, saying that the doping law constitutes a double standard. But when The New York Times asked whether she felt at a disadvantage when playing the Russian, she reportedly responded “I don’t think I’m the best person to ask that question”. So yeah, she’s got some fire in her.

Serena Williams is a strong female role model and the twerking video is likely going to be viewed as sexual by many media outlets. She was infuriated when the CEO of the Indian Wells Tennis Tournament said that female tennis players should “thank God for Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal…because they have carried the sport.” Raymond Moore, who was responsible for the statement later apologized.

The twerk video was shot in Florida while Serena was doing a commercial for Chase Bank. She’s on a rest right now in preparation for the French Open that begins in the end of May.

Of course Twitter is loving this.

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