Health official insists ‘so-called pandemic’ is a communist plot


Igor Shepherd alleges efforts to formulate a vaccine is a plot by China and Russia to propagate communism worldwide.

At a recent event, Shepherd questioned the authenticity of the outbreak and described an anticipated immunization as a biological weapon. The official’s uncorroborated and baseless claims eroded Wyoming’s public health initiatives — and public admonitions — to limit the circulation of the germ, as well as its intends to distribute coronavirus vaccines in the next months. At any rate, officials in Wyoming, Gov. Mark Gordon included, disagree there’s a commie plot and called persons not taking COVID-19 in earnest “knuckleheads.”

Since 2013, Shepherd has worked for the department of health and has been a part of the state’s team countering SARS-CoV-2. Kim Deti, a department spokeswoman, stated: “All of the things we’ve said for months and the thousands of hours of dedicated work from our staff and our local partners on this response effort and our excitement for the hope the vaccine offers make our overall department position on the pandemic clear.”

For months, experts have worried that politicized cynicism of coronavirus vaccines could hurt their efficaciousness. Vaccines are more beneficial if most of the population is immunized. Back in July, researchers at Texas State University and Johns Hopkins wrote a paper accenting that concern. The researchers noted: “If poorly designed and executed, a Covid-19 vaccination campaign in the U.S. could undermine the increasingly tenuous belief in vaccines and the public health authorities that recommend them — especially among people most at risk of Covid-19 impacts.”


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