Scientists Say New Strain of Coronavirus is More Contagious than COVID-19


Scientists have verified a fresh strain of the coronavirus that has become superior globally and seems to be more contagious than the original COVID-19.

The latest strain emerged in Europe in February, relocated rapidly to the East Coast of the U.S., and has been the commanding strain across the planet since mid-March, the researchers noted. In addition to circulating quicker, it may make people susceptible to a second contagion after a first round with the virus, the report cautioned. The variant described in the new report affects the now-notorious spikes on the outside of the coronavirus, which permit it to get into human respiratory cells.

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According to the report, wherever the new strain surfaced, it quickly contaminated far more individuals than the earlier strains that sourced from Wuhan, China, and inside several weeks it was the only strain that was pervasive in some nations. The radical strain’s ascendancy over its predecessors proves that it is more virulent, though the reason why is not yet known, according to the report. Bette Korber, a Los Alamos computational biologist and study leader, posted on Facebook: “The story is worrying, as we see a mutated form of the virus very rapidly emerging, and over the month of March becoming the dominant pandemic form.

“When viruses with this mutation enter a population, they rapidly begin to take over the local epidemic, thus they are more transmissible.” Korber continued: “This is hard news, but please don’t only be disheartened by it. Our team at LANL was able to document this mutation and its impact on transmission only because of a massive global effort of clinical people and experimental groups, who make new sequences of the virus (SARS-CoV-2) in their local communities available as quickly as they possibly can.”


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