Pearl Harbor Day: Remembering our WWII Veterans

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Pearl Harbor day is sure to be different this year as the coronavirus situation in the US remains unchanged. Health risks to our aging veterans are high due to the virus. Precautions must be made and the celebrations are surely affected by the pandemic. It was announced that there are going to be several virtual services for Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

As disappointing as it may be, none of our veterans will be gathering in Hawaii this year. Regardless, their heroism is not forgotten and communities all over the US are finding small ways to celebrate them.

How did the Pearl Harbor Attack Change WWII Forever?

The Pearl Harbor event was a pivotal moment for WWII. On this fateful day more than eight decades ago, the Japanese made a surprise military attack on a US naval base in Hawaii known as Pearl Harbor. The attack destroyed 20 US warships and more than 300 planes. More than 2,400 sailors were killed and a thousand others were wounded.

At the time, the US was not an active participant in the war. Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor changed this significantly pushing the US to join the war. According to historical experts, the attack on Pearl Harbor was Japan’s attempt in preventing America’s Pacific Fleet from interfering with their military advances in Southeast Asia.

Pearl Harbor National Memorial

This is a vast National Park System on the island of Hawaii to commemorate all the veterans who died and survived the Pearl Harbor attack. It is also an homage to all the veterans who have heroically fought for the country during the war.

The USS Arizona Memorial

This particular memorial remains one of the most tragic in the entire complex. More than 1,000 sailors were inside the ship when it was torpedoed by Japanese attack planes. Today, it remains as the resting place of hundreds of sailors whose bodies were never recovered from the ship.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


USS Oklahoma and USS Utah

Among the other memorials within the complex is the USS Oklahoma Memorial, and the USS Utah Memorial. The USS Oklahoma Memorial was established to commemorate all the 429 men who lost their lives aboard the ship. The USS Utah Memorial was built to commemorate all the 58 crew who died aboard the ship.


Among the visiting centers in the complex would be the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, and the USS Bowfin Museum. These are non-profit museums that are established to involve the community and educate them about the role of Pearl Harbor in the Second World War.

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