Groom Dumps Cold-Hearted Bride After Her Disturbing Reaction to Sister’s Miscarriage

Groom Dumps Cold-Hearted Bride After Her Disturbing Reaction to Sister's Miscarriage

Remember a few weeks ago, when the internet was left open-mouthed by a wedding planner’s tale of their worst client?

We know bridezilla stories are not unusual around the web, but thinking you have dibs on your wedding planner’s heart (especially when you’re about to marry someone else) is a new level of entitled.

Still, it looks like that nightmare client may have just been topped, by a bridezilla so bad even the groom didn’t want her anymore.

The wedding planner’s story began when the bride’s sister announced she was pregnant, after three years of trying.

According to the planner, who shared the tale on, the bride didn’t take the happy news well.

She reportedly threw a tantrum, telling her sibling: “Well, then, I guess you can’t be in my wedding, because I don’t want to deal with the problems your pregnancy will cause.”

The aforementioned “problems” being getting her sister’s bridesmaid dress adjusted to fit her baby bump.

The planner overheard the awkward encounter, but tried to remain professional and conutined with the job. But a few months down the line, the situation worsened.

“Bridezilla and Bridezilla’s mom are with me and Bridezilla’s mom gets a phone call,” she explained.

“Bridezilla’s mom excuses herself and left to answer.

“She spends most of the meeting on the phone. Towards the end, Bridezilla’s mom comes back, slowly putting her phone away. It looks as though she’s been crying.”

Sadly, the sister had suffered a miscarriage. Feeling devastated for the family, the planner says she struggled to hold back her tears.

The bridezilla, however, was having no such issues. Instead of expressing sympathy for her sister, she comes out with: “Oh. Well, I guess she can be in my wedding, then, since she’s not pregnant anymore.”

Unsurprisingly, her callous comment completely stunned the mother, whose reaction was “absolutely terrifying.”

“I have never seen something snap behind another person’s eyes before,” the planner admitted.

Without a second thought, the mother tells the planner in a “deadly calm voice” that they will have to let her go, as she will no longer be footing the bill for her daughter’s ceremony.

The bridezilla is unashamedly aghast, and starts begging her mother to change her mind.

And if her heartless treatment towards her sister hadn’t already backfired enough, there was further karma in store for the bridezilla.

According to the planner, “the wedding was cancelled entirely, twenty-four hours later, by the would-be groom.”

Looks like he dodged a bullet there.

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