#GotDumpedBecause Is Trending On Twitter And Its Hilarious


#GotDumpedBecause, the hashtag quickly became a trend after Comedy Central’s late night comedy show, @Midnight announced it as their weekly topic, urging Twitter users to answer the loaded question. From depressing loners to hilarious memes, #GotDumbedBecause is spreading like wildfire.

I wasn’t into him.

He wasn’t into me.


Some kept it real, while others had some pretty funny responses, of all kinds.

Even, Superman is getting dumped. Relationships are hard.

Then there were Fitness memes. Never skip leg day.

Of course, there were plenty of sexual innuendoes.


Bonus points for this sexual innuendo plus a Kanye joke.

Of course, many used #GotDumpedBecause to make a joke about current Hollywood news.

Like Ariana Grande’s strange donut licking incident.

Or Rachel Dolezal’s scandal.

Then there was the irony of #GotDumpedBecause trending at the same time as rapper, Meek Mill.

Or Donald Trump’s hair. #EnoughSaid

You see, Meek is dating Nikki Minaj, amidst controversy and rumors. And of course, Meek has been in the middle of a battle with rapper, Drake. Life is so difficult when you’re a famous rapper dating a pop superstar…

What is your response to #GotDumpedBecause? We would love to see them, so make sure to tweet us @SocialNewsDaily.

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