Glyn Davies Thanks “Penis Artist” For the Vote


So, when you’re running for public office, and a voter turns in their ballot with a rather detailed drawing of a penis that the machine actually counts as a vote in your favor, is that an insult, or a compliment, or… ?

This didn’t seem to be a problem for candidate Glyn Davies, as he actually wants to thank the intrepid artist for making the gesture count.

Davies, 71, and now officially a Tory member of parliament, shared that one of the voters chose to draw a strikingly detailed drawing of the would-be offensive member instead of the recommend X-mark on the space provided. However, since the illustration fit just right into the box — not too big, not too small — the machine reader did consider it a counted vote in his favor.

It was that vote Davies needed to hit a 45.04% tally total, and met him a return to a comfortable position on the Welsh seat of Montgomeryshire.

Albeit many Brits bewailed the conclusive victory of the Conservative party, a number of them did get to appreciate the unexpected effects of this particular political loophole. Count on the British to extract dry humor and wit and chalk it up as a lesson, regardless of how dismal the situation may seem.

Davies went on to express that the Liberal party had lost 48 MPs during the campaign, and had pretty much “thrown in the kitchen sink” after the entire affair was over.

“Not sure the artist meant it to count, but I am grateful, Davies chuckled. “If I knew who it was, I would like to thank him ( or her) personally.”

We’re not entirely sure how the artist would feel about the result, but there it is.

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