Giant Inflatable Santa Causes Havok on Roads After Escaping From Nearby Garden

Giant Inflatable Santa Causes Havok on Roads After Escaping From Nearby Garden
Source: Muhammad Fareed

It seems Christmas comes earlier every year, and apparently, so does Santa.

An inflatable Santa caused anarchy on the roads in Cambridgeshire, UK, after coming free from his moorings.

The blow-up Santa escaped from a garden and ran riot on the B198 Cromwell Road near the market town of Wisbech.

The escapee blocked both lanes for two and a half hours and prevented unhappy drivers from getting home. So much for spreading the Christmas spirit!

Playing down the hilarity of the situation, the official traffic alert read: “Partially blocked and slow traffic due to a large inflatable Santa on road on B198 Cromwell Road both ways in Wisbech.”

The runaway St Nick was caught on camera during his rampage by dad-of-three Muhammead Fareed, who was stuck in the queue of traffic during the incident.

The 29-year-old taxi driver said: “I saw it wobble and then come down on to the road – it did raise a smile.”

He also added that two men were attempting to pull the fallen Santa off the carriageway as he came upon the scene.

“The road was blocked from both sides. I was shocked about what was going on.

“A car put on his hazards lights and two guys came out and tried to puncture it and take it off the road.

“But it was really really big so hard to move. It was massive, bigger than my seven-seater car.”

Eventually, Mr Claus was herded and deflated.

We hope this incident doesn’t affect his ability to deliver presents this year.

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