Santa Knows If You’ve Been Bad Or Good Because Of Twitter

social santa

He sees you when your sleeping, he knows if your awake. Now, he knows what you are doing on Twitter. You might want to think twice about your next tweet, unless you want a lump of coal for Christmas.

social santa

For the second year in a row, Social Santa is using his troop of digital elves to search your Twitter feed for naughty words. After they have sifted through the selfies and late-night rants, the elves will count up the number of times you utilized your potty mouth and use that to rank you on the naughty or nice list.

Once you’ve been told which list you are on, you can also view the profiles that topped the nice list (or naughty, if you are into that kind of thing.) Maybe, you can find the love of your life that enjoys swearing just as much as you.

Social Santa

Or, if you are really interested you can see what celebrities made the lists. Just a spoiler, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus top the naughty list as some of Hollywood’s biggest social media potty mouths.

Social Santa was created by UK full-service digital agency, 10 Yetis.

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