Mysterious Cross Washes Up On Shore, Hinting At Second Coming


On Saturday, a massive wooden cross drifted onto a beach, leaving locals speechless and wondering if the 20-foot object hints at Jesus‘ return.

via Ocean Manor Beach Resort – Facebook

Those that frequently comb beaches uncover various astounding items, from treasured seashells and untypical animals to scarce coins. However, no seashore has (ever) been sanctified quite like the one in Fort Lauderdale, Florida by the Ocean Manor Beach Resort.

Frank Telerico, Ocean Manor’s owner, deemed the cross ‘a sign’ that his establishment is protected. He too remarked that his sister had been at the beach praying over a nightmare on the day it was found. Telerico hauled the cross away from the shoreline (with assistance from two ATV‘s and a crew of workers) so tourists could snap photos and marvel at it.

At length, the truth came out on Monday as a local woman disclosed the sorrowful narrative behind the cross.

via Facebook

Robin Stowe informed reporters that she had mounted the cross in memory of Captain Richard Baran, her brother. Captain Aaron Aaron, who constructed the cross, stated he could tell by its styling that the one on Ocean Manor’s waterline was the same.

In 2016, Baran had been near North Carolina’s Hatteras Inlet on a hunting trip when he disappeared. A Coast Guard search for him came up empty, thereby Stowe had the gigantic cross situated into Dredge Island, close to where her brother’s boat was discovered.

She assumes Hurricane Nate winds may have floored the cross in 2017, and it journeyed two years in the ocean prior to resurfacing in Florida. Presently, Aaron and Stowe are awaiting word from Telerico so they can prepare to sail the cross back to its origin.


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